Alive and Well… I think Colombia is an upgrade

12 11 2010

View from my apartment window

Well folks. I have arrived.  I was greeted at the airport by two adorable colombian women, one of them Gloria, my roommate for the next two months.  I am now sitting in the office of her fabulous 6th floor apartment with an amazing view, a gorgous pool, a fitness center and walking trail… who knew I would come to Colombia and get such an upgrade. Those of you who have been witness to my living conditions the last few years can appreciate my saying: this is the nicest place I have lived in a while.

My only SSL (spanish as a second language) mistake thus far is that my smiling and nodding at Gloria during dinner lead to me having to eat three large (but I must admit very delicious) sandwiches.  OK so that is obviously not the only one… but is the only mistake that I actually know I made and had to face the consequences of. Not a bad lesson to learn all in all.

The swimming pool...

Tomorrow I am heading to PAN, one of the agencies I will be working with while I am here.  I am excited to get an idea of what the children´s homes here are like. 

And finally, I should have written this long ago… but thank you so much to all of you who participated in the race. It was a big fat success! And a very humbling day for Kristi and I to see all the people we love rally around this cause. Thank you so much!

Hasta Luego





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