A well deserved pat on the back

5 12 2010

This is just going to be a quick kudos to PAN…. and Gladney as well.   So here goes:

I am so incredibly impressed everyday with the structures and programs that PAN has created to assist the children of Colombia.  I have learned in the last few weeks that the real purpose of this trip is a true exchange of knowledge.  I have noticed myself approaching the entire system of my interventions from my initial position of : “what can I do to help these people?” and have shifted to:  “how are they doing this?”  and “how can we (Superkids) help institutions like it in other neighborhoods, cities, countries?”  They really embrace the same mission as Superkids- to improve the quality of life of children.  And they approach it from so many different angles, with a variety of intitiatives and programs.

On Saturday morning I had the pleasure of being immersed in the center of one such program.  This is an English learning program.  With the generous support of Gladney 15 students, all of which are in protection (in foster care or an institution), have completed the inaugural year of the program,   And from what I could understand (lets call it 85% of what was said…) It has been a huge success.  Kids from the age of 8 -16 each talked about the way this group had changed their life.  And not just by learning English, but by forming strong relationships with the professor and each other, helping each other find all their strengths including cooking, painting, etc.  There was one of the older girls who was very articulate.  She spoke for all of them saying that she knew that this was one of those rare opportunities in life that very few people are offered.  She talked about how valuable this chance was to her and all she had learned about the commitment it entailed.  It was really motivational (especially for me… as my quest to learn Spanish continues)

Reception for English Program

 The kids prepared a great reception to thank everyone, several Gladney representatives were there as well as the directors of PAN.  And afterwords about 5 of them gathered around and we talked pop culture, all of them eager to get the chance to practice there English with a real life gringa.

So here’s to you PAN, Casa de Maria (more on them later… ), and Gladney






2 responses

6 12 2010

what a great experience you are having, Keely — i am so excited for you!! keep up the good cultural and PT interchanges — you are remarkable! Amy (from CHOP)

26 01 2011

hola kely espero q te estediendo super en cartagena y q pronto bengas a bernos no olviodes q sele quiere un resss top

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