Fiesta Fiesta

11 12 2010

Wow! Well, what a day of parties it has been for yours truly today.  This afternoon I celebrated with PAN at the Center de Atencion (developmental preschool) and with the internados (the kids that live there). Families came to celebrate. Christmas songs were sung. Presents were given.  Buñuelos and natilla were enjoyed!!! 

Then I got home. Gloria has been really excited all week about a get-together we were having with the staff of Casa de Maria.  I was excited too.  But not quite as excited as her…. she has been talking about it all week.  I kept thinking, well yeah, it will be fun. But will it really be that fun?  Settle down Gloria.  The party had started by the time I entered the living room at about 5:30.  Everyone was sitting around just laughing, telling stories (pretty exciting that I can now understand what is going on at social gathering such as this!) We once again ate buñuelos and natilla. We drank coke, one hilarious guy kept spiking everyone’s with rum.  It was a great party.

Then at 7:00 Gloria went into the hallway and few minutes later  this happened…

OH MY GOSH!!! It was honestly top ten coolest things in my life to date. Gloria had a live band come to the house and play for all of us.  We danced for hours.  Ate. And danced some more.  People danced alone, with each other, in a huge circle, it just went on an on.  No wonder Gloria was so excited, what a fabulous surprise she had in store for all of us!!!! Talk about a party. 

And in case you are wondering… this is what I look like dancing in Colombia.  Gigantic, goofy, and rhythmless, but very happy.

What a great day. Feliz Navidad.





5 responses

12 12 2010
Mama Juan

Oh my gosh, this is hilarious. Is this Gullivers Travels? What a fun, exciting Columbian time! I want to be there!

12 12 2010

Just finished reading all your posts, blogs, whatever! Thank you so much for sharing all you’re doing. Told your mom this morning that you are truly immersed in life. You go girl.

14 12 2010

Rock on, girl!!!!

16 12 2010

laughing and still laughing … and more laughter 🙂

18 12 2010

Oh what a fantastic fiesta!!! Gloria needs to come to a Hood Family Christmas. White Elephant would be an entirely different experience…Love this! So glad you are happy and gigantic – hilarious!

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