Three’s Company

30 01 2011

My first visitors have come and gone.  And what an amazing time we had!! It was such a unique experience to bring people into this world.  Throughout this experience I have had so many profound moments: self-realizations, brain-storms, dreams, deep connections, fallen in love with so many kids.  But it has all been on my own.  It was so fantastic to get to watch as others began to experience these things.  To have discussions about the kids and these institutions, to watch the relationships form.  To hear them speak about these kids, to watch them hug the kids…. or better put, to watch the kids hug them.  All these little ones were so interested in the new foreigners- their age, marital status, job, children, skin color– looking for a connection with them.  It was a really powerful experience.

So who were these visitors you ask? They were Janet Fink, the director of Super Kids, and two of her good friends- Lisa and Sabrina.  Experiences like this are so cool– because you are so in the moment, you have to be very present.  This is because so much happens in every second.  You quickly find out who people really are. For this reason, you develop a unique bond with people who undergo it with you.  You talk about things, things that really matter. And you really get to know them.  I have known Janet for about a year and a half– but mostly as a voice on the phone or a talking face on skype.  I had never met Sabrina or Lisa.  But by the time they left, they really felt like old friends (yes, corny… but also very true).  They just had this calm confidence and were so inquisitive and intelligent. I don’t even really know what to say– they were just so cool!

The basics of their time here looked like this: a day filled with sunshine and children. Evenings filled with conversation and lots of food (gourmet according to my current standards).  I think the pictures will tell the story better than I can:

Keely, Lisa, Janet and Claudio the chicken... being tourists

The ladies bought the kids at Oscar Scarpetta some MUCH needed books.  The kids loved them so much: turning the pages, looking at pictures, sitting on laps and reading the words.  They played with the books ALL day!

Sabrina and friends in the toddler room

Reading 'til the cows come homeWe like our new books!

Spanish reading lessons by Joanna

One of the older girls came and Spanish reading lessons as the ladies attempted to read to the babies in Spanish.  She was VERY impressed at their reading abilities!!!

The books for the older kids were presented to the “library committee.” And the ladies were given a few small Colombian souveniers as a thank you. And then we all chowed-down some delicious Colombian food and drink.

Library Committee

And they were especially THRILLED about the twilight books!

Teenage girls will be teenage girls

 They left with so many ideas. So many plans. I can’t wait to see what they can help us accomplish here in Colombia.

Packin up and movin out!

Janet, Lisa and Sabrina. Thank you so much for coming.  You will definitely be missed.

The night they left, one of my best friends got here. I am so excited to have a buddy to explore with. And she is a PT too so I am really pumped to have someone to bounce some ideas off of. Next update will be the adventures of Keely and Kristi– I have no doubts it will be quite riveting! Until then…






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10 04 2011
Phil Davis

Sure enjoy reading about your adventures. Be safe and keep writting.


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