The many faces of Cappie

14 03 2011

This blog post is an ode to one of my best friends in the entire world:

Some people say best friends are those who know everything about you… and love you anyway.  I would like to amend this phrase.  Best friends are people who know that you are going to ask them for a million favors (and abandon them alone for 3 full days because of your eminent deportation) … and come to Colombia anyway.  Oh, and I think that they love you anyway too.

Just in case any of you are thinking about visiting me… before you commit, thought you should know what that might actually look like:

You might have to sweep and mop a VERY dirty playroom


You might take millions of pictures and then be ridiculed for your poor composition skills (I don’t have pictures of this because she was taking pictures me…obvio)

But you might have some downtime in which you can finish at least 1 or 2 books waiting for me to finish meetings etc.

She did not even like this book

Yep... reading again

 You might almost get forced back to the US for “brace trafficking… see previous post)

But there will be some good things too– like eating your body weight in Mangas

Mangas with lime and salt

You will visit some cool countryside destinations and Pueblos– ride some skinny horses across raging rivers, ride to a valley mounted on the back of a jeep etc. etc.

Jeep in front of us

Cap enjoying the ride on the back of our jeep

Cowgirl up: glad they had these ponchos on the back of the horse!

And well, you might get really sunburned because you are enjoying having your arm out the window during the 3 hour bus ride to the above region.

this is what happens when you take pearly winter white skin and put it in direct sunlight 3 hours

You will hold lots and lots of children… (and if you are Cappie you will get thrown up on at least 2 times- we are talking projectile here)

Cap and kiddos

And share your I-Phone during a finger nail painting therapy session

Jammin to some Micheal Jackson

You might get pooped on by a bird (sadly I don’t have a picture of that)

And you will spend 3 days (after Keely abandons you) with the lovely and amazing Magnolia and Negra

Negra and Magnolia... the fun awaits you!!!!

And you will have stories, lots and lots of stories.  I love you tons Cap.  Thank you so much for everything.  And to those of you planning on coming in the future.  You are definitely welcome… if you think you are man enough to handle it.


ps. I know it is probably poor form to post 3 posts in one day. But I was swamped with activities that last week… and all these posts were in my head but I did not have time to write them.  Finally had time.  Peruvian adventures await, stay tuned.




One response

14 03 2011

What a great post! Keely, your posts always make me smile or laugh!

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