Lima week 2

12 04 2011
Week 2 in Lima (as I write this now two and a half  weeks later) was such a flash.  The whole time I was in Lima really… it was a pretty intense and jam-packed few weeks. An abbreviated catch-up would go something like this:
  • Birthday party for the girl’s great aunt… a mariachi band showed up (no pictures, but worth an honorable mention!!)
  •  We did a follow-up session for the teachers of the preschoolers in Pamplona working on behavior management– we did a role play activity to practice positive reinforcement of behaviors.  It got a little crazy, but they had a great time! It really felt like we barely hit the tip of the iceberg with the training possibilities for these wonderful ladies. I really hope to come back one day (with lots of preschool teachers!!)

"Students" during role play

Me and the crew of preschool teachers

  •  I visited several preschoolers to help the teachers start to implement some of the new information that I had given…. and mostly just goof around with the kids.

The stare down at snack time

  • But this is not the only group of teachers in the “head start like” program in Pamplona… there are also about 30 teachers that work with kids 6 month to 3 years old.  We had an in-service for them one morning. And then the next day I spent the morning in 2 and 3 year old classroom. And it is one of the models they are trying to implement in which the moms (or grandmas) come with the kids.  Such a cool idea, but very challenging. It really has taken a lot of commitment from this teacher AND these mothers to participate in this class several times a week.

The bunny dance

Peek-a-boo time

Kids and moms during song time

  • And I continued to have tons of fun with my “family” in Lima.  All us girls had a photo shoot at the park a few blocks from the apartment

Me and my buddies

It took a LOT of attempts to get that previous picture perfect shot!!!

  • And we also went one evening to this cool park in Lima.  It is HUGE and has all kinds of fountains. Impressive during the day, but at night they have an all-out light display and it becomes a sort of wonderland. It was awesome.  Here we are in the tunnel– there was a little concern before we went if I would fit in the tunnel… but alas, no problem.

The infamous tunnel

After Lima it was off to Cusco and the Inca Trail! I loved loved loved my time in Lima and can’t wait to the next time I am there… and yes, there will be a next time!

Muchisimas gracias a mi nueva familia en Lima!! Nunca olvidare ustedes y todo que hicieron para mi. Amigos (primas) para siempre. Nos vemos pronto y un fuerte abrazo!!!!!





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