I’m Starting With the Man in the Mirror….

23 05 2011

No message could have been any clearer, if you want to make the world a better place….

You should teach kids in an orphange the dance steps to Michael Jackson’s Thriller (and others)!!

More fantastic visitors have come and gone. Two OTs from Philadelphia, Maura and Nicole, were here with me all last week.  They are two awesome therapists who I met when I slept on their couch last fall when I observed in the CHOP international adoption clinic. Love them!!  And well, Maura is perhaps the biggest Michael Jackson fan I have met in a while (rivaled by a few of the boys at Arther Gough–the home we are working with here in Costa Rica).  Thus, amongst doing over 15 evaluations… we managed to squeeze in a few song/dance sessions.

It was really cool to have the expertise of occupational therapists this week.  We worked together to evaluate the 15+ kids that I am going to be working with during my time here.  We were able to really look at the whole child and come up with some great treatment ideas that I am very excited about.  And the kids absolutely adored them.  I mean totally infatuated and enamored.   I am pretty sure this is the first of many many trips like this for these girls– they are definitely lifers.   They left with some great pictures and even better stories/memories. Here’s a few:

Nicole, Maura and the crew


The awesome toys they brought... pure therapy of course


I think that we may actually see one or the both of them back very soon to adopt this sibling set (that is if they did not already sneak them in their suitcases)


Yay therapy


Evaluation time... hard at work.

 Thank you guys so much for coming! Thanks for everything you did in this VERY short week and all your help in the future.

More soon





2 responses

23 05 2011
Finally El Dia

Fantastic you have so many visitors!! Love that they were such a help. You are one lucky little lady. Lots of Love!

24 05 2011

yea yea yea.. i have been dying for news! i have no doubt that you “power of 3” ladies were REMARKABLE teaming down there together… can’t wait to hear more.. and, of course GO GO GO with you all one of these years…. ps: I LOVE THAT SONG>.. all the years of my trips internationally to do service work, that song is, quite seriously one of my favorites.. it was the lead song on my blog for a very very long time… you rock and i am so excited for all you are doing down there to CHANGE THE WORLD.. one child at a time.. ps: do you know the starfish story?? email me if not, and i’ll get it to you. Amy

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