Descontento Santo

8 06 2011

Alright ladies and gents, this gets a little preachy I am aware… but it is a great message and I have been thinking about it a lot the last few days and I wanted to share.  Tomorrow I promise less blabbing and more pictures of cute little children. But for now…

I like that when you have had an idea in your head for a long time… and finally one day someone expresses it in the way you had always wanted to… but just were not quite smart, or at least not “wordy” or maybe poetic enough to express it yourself.  The good ole “that’s exactly what I was thinking” moment.  I had it in church the other day and now I will share it with you.

The thought in my head goes something like this:

 if everyone would just find their thing, their cause, their mission they are willing to fight for, to make better…If we all found one and worked to make it right, this world would be a much better place.

The sermon goes something like this:

It is about descontento santo or “holy discontentment” Wait wait wait… I have to say… this is about 50/50 what the pastor said and 50/50 my own adaptations (just wanted to declare that little point)

So for me discontentment is often a word that I associate negatively. The free online dictionary defines it as: dissatisfaction or a restless longing for better circumstances.  I personally associate it with whining, griping stagnancy. I think about a guy in his cubicle who hates his job, Office Space style.  You get the drift. So you ask (and so did I) what makes discontentment holy?  The answer is simple… when your discontentment aligns with God, goodness, love.  That is to say, when your discontentment doesn’t have a shred of selfishness or jealousy…but is discontentment in the name of true injustice.

There are thus 2 steps in this process… identifying your decontento santo and acting on it.

Identify it: It can be anything.  It is that moment when you say: that is not right, that is not fair, that is not how it should be.  And you are not talking about your hair, the grade you got on a test, or why your best friend is prettier that you (that is just plain ol discontentment, the selfish kind).  It is when you look at a situation, at certain circumstances, and feel that twang in your heart that says– this is not the way it should be, this is not good, this is not love, this is not God.  It could be a small moment, like seeing a little old lady struggle with putting her groceries in her car. You notice. You think… poor little thing, she shouldn’t have to do that all by herself. Or it could be something on a bigger scale like feeling the need to help tsunami victims in Japan as you sit on your cozy couch watching the devistating videos and headlines streaming CNN. This is discontentment, dissatisfaction with a situation and a longing for better circumstances…and without an ounce of selfishness or whining. The disatisfaction is holy because it is aligned with goodness, it fits right in with the whole WWJD thing.  It is pure love. That is Desconento Santo, holy discontentment. For some people theirs could be fighting hunger, recycling, planting gardens in inner-cities, rescuing animals, ministering to prison inmates, cleaning up highway litter…or any of millions of things that may have specifically touched your heart.  Find yours.

Phase 2: Act.

Here is the challenging part.  And here is where the true holiness of the holy discontentment really comes into play.  The moment that you identify it and see it as it aligns with God, you have to take a step back and attempt to look at it not through your own human eyes… but through the eyes of God, through the eyes of goodness and love.  If we look at it through our eyes it is really easy to give excuses: lets got back to the little old grocery bag lady. Through the human eyes it is easy to say– I am in a hurry, I don’t want to offend her, its not really that big a deal, or we might even be to shy/embarrassed to approach the woman to help her.  But if you look at it through a lens of goodness and love, the way God would see it, all these little excuses fade away.  The obvious thing, the only thing that is left is to act.  To approach her and help.  So this is what we have to do. Each one of us, as the discontentment attacks our heart and mind… we have to act, we have to approach and help.  The way that we act will not and should not look the same for all of us.  Use your strengths, use your resources, make it your own.

the new thought in my head goes something like this:

If we all just find, feel, discover our desconento santo… whatever it may be.  If we could find it and actively change it, the world will definitely be a better place.





3 responses

20 06 2011
Mama Juan

I love this message. I copied it off and I am going to give it out to friends, enemies,
people I dont even know. I think it is very important and the key to a meaningful
life. So there you go , Darlin’ Daughter of mine.

Love you dearly,

20 06 2011

spread the love mamacita, spread the love

22 06 2011
dianna thayer

I am one of your stealth readers, but I had to comment on this one. Your “sermonette” expresses what our Wed. morning Bible study group discussed last week, and I will copy and take your thoughts in this week. As “women of a certain age”, i.e., advanced years, but still with lots of energy and good health, what is our purpose now? We have “been there, done that” with the big milestones of life, but we still want to do good work in this world. Your thoughts, precious and wise young woman, are an inspiration.
Love and hugs, dianna

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