Take a Hike….

15 06 2011

A mountain is not a mountain is not a mountain. It never ceases to amaze me how different a mountain can be. I grew up at the foot of the Rockies (well, that may be a slight exaggeration… I mean there were some wheat fields that separated us, but they are easily visible from my home).  And know I live at the base of mountains here in the central valley of Costa Rica. And the two look absolutely nothing alike.  See for yourself:

Home (no I did not take this picture… but it looks something like this in the mountains where I am from):

Mountains here in Costa Rica… well, this is not the best picture because of the enormous cloud, but you get the drift:

Mountains you see from my current house

Last Friday I walked into the aldea to a great surprise… a group of about 15 kids and the two rec directors getting ready to go for a hike. And I arrived just in time.  A brief aside here. The aldea has a special education teacher and a psychologist who are recreation directors here, they are ALWAYS out and about doing activities with the kids whether it is trampoline time, swimming in the pool, making bracelets, playing board games, playing on the playground. It is awesome. It is the first time in my travels to any institution that I have seen some of the “experts” ie psychologists, social workers, special ed teachers, therapists etc. spending “free-time” with the kids, just playing with them.  It is awesome. So off we went for the hike.

The kids were really troopers because it was not an easy hike.  About 2 hours… we just left from the orphanage gate, walked through town and started climbing.  It is such a cool way to get them out of that setting, feeling good about themselves, enjoying nature.

snacks and rehydration station



The way down

Then just a few days later a few of the ladies from work and I met up for hike number 2.  You don’t see this kind of green in the Rockies! 

This is Karen, the secretary opening the gate for us to hike on private property... she knows EVERYONE in town, so when she assured us it was ok we believed her.



The summit (that's Karen again)

Happy hiking to all





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