And you can call me Martha Stewart…

30 06 2011

My day yesterday was filled with just two activities: crafting and baking, in that order.  I totally harnessed Martha Stewart. I mean for about 12 hours, I literally because the “queen of craft”  herself.  And in that spirit I invite you to read the rest of the  blog in that flat, unemotional, ever so slightly manly, northeastern accent of hers…. feel free. Go on, you know you want to. 

The morning I worked with Ali, one of the rec directors, on a project for the play area.  We have been talking recently about how there is a handful of kids that can not participate in the group activities (pool, trampoline, PE type games) for various reasons, so they often just sort of wander around during these group activities.  I mentioned the idea of making a sensory corner and everybody loved the idea.  So Ali and I got to work yesterday making a sensory wall.  Basically the idea is for the kids to be able to look at and touch the wall… it has lots of different colors and textures, especially made for the kids that are “sensation-seekers”.  Anyway, we got off to a really good start and now Ali feels really confident (and has LOTS of supplies… thanks Maura and Nicole) to keep making the tiles to fill the wall.

bits and pieces of the sensory wall


a few more pieces

Also, we are going to hang a sensory swing in this corner and hopefully get them set up with an auditory stimulation program too.  It is going to be fantastic for the children with disabilities here…. they really need something like this!

But the Martha-ness did not end there.  For the past two months (yes, I have been here 2 months already… can’t believe it) lots of the staff at the aldea have been pressing me to make some “typical american food.” However, they then made a clarifying statement that I was not allowed to bring hamburgers, french fries… or anything else that one can buy at the MANY fast food american restaurants that line the streets here in Costa Rica. They wanted something more exotic. The problem was…well lets be honest, there are really two problems. Problem a) it is really hard to think of a typical american dish that is not, well, the typical american dishes they eat at Wendys. Problem b) I think they wanted a turkery dinner… and I sure as heck can’t cook that. 

My solution… divert. Divert to dessert.  I decided I could actually tackle a dessert and we were having a “potluck” lunch today so it was the perfect timing. After consulting my foody cousin, I decided on cobbler (an easy alternative for the classic american pie) for the staff and chocolate chip cookies for the kids.  Long story short goes something like this: 1 internet consult to learn that I could make buttermilk (which I could not find in the store) by adding vinegar to milk, 1 mis-translation that lead me to buy this weird pseudo brown sugar/maple sugar cane/not so great for baking stuff, 4 hours of baking… and I ended up with 78 chocolate chips cookies that the kids absolutely loved (though I think they are pretty easy to please in the sweets department) and a peach/strawberry cobbler that left a heck of a lot to be desired, but people ate it anyway(partially cause I doused it with icecream) and smiled kindly. 

Strawberries, peaches... and my dinner of taco meat and beans. Thats multi-tasking ladies and gents...


See... I really did make cookies


Post cookie bliss...

So maybe I have a bit of work to get the Martha Stewart level…. perhaps I am more of a Rachel Ray.





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30 06 2011

Rachel Ray, indeed!! All of your goodies look awesome. And so do the crafts. 😉

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