The side dish…

30 06 2011

I know all of you were probably thinking… wow, that Keely sure works hard. I wonder if she is doing anything fun there in sunny Costa Rica.

The answer is yes, and here is the proof:

Poas Volcano with the girls.  It was awesome because this day was really overcast and when we first reached the volcano, we say absolutely nothing. Then suddenly the clouds opened up and boom…. there was in fact a volcano there.  Fantastic.

Maura, Nicole and I... I swear the volcano really is back there


See... here it is

Sarcchi: this is a little town in the central valley of Costa Rica known for its artisan/crafts, most especially for making ox carts. It is really neat because the whole downtown area is covered with “sarcchi design” even the trashcans, park benches, street signs etc.  I pretty much love little artsy souvenirs, so this place was perfect for me.

Gigantic ox cart


Designer trash cans


And the street signs!

Jaco Beach: As far as cool tourist attractions, this is pretty much as “skip it” type of place. However, it is by far the closest beach to San Jose and one of the only day trippers, so I was excited when Rocio (the lady I live with) and her friends invited me to go.  It was honestly one of the ugliest beaches I have ever seen, but it was sunny and it was the beach…. so I was happy.

My feet. On the beach.

Nosara: Due to the disappointment of my first beach experience here in Costa Rica, I decided to take a long weekend to head up to Guanacaste. This penninsula in the northwest is supposed to be the bee’s-knees of beaches.  I once again lucked out and scored a travel partner, Melissa from California was also traveling by herself and we joined forces to have an great weekend. Filled with:


Me. On a bike.


The Cadillac of surfboards... I got up twice, what I will fondly remember as ten seconds of glory.

Yoga (sorry no picture)

Sunbathing/surviving the monkey raid: The second day I was there was absolutely beautiful so we decided to spend the morning laying by the pool. Peaceful, calm, beautiful. Until about 15 howler monkies invaded the mango tree above us.  They are such hilarious animals. They would eat a mangos with a zeal almost equal to that of the kids at the aldea.  They would chow on them and then when they were done, drop them to the ground. The issue is that when said monkey drops a mango from something like 40 feet, it hits with a bang.  It was not long before these cute little dudes had their fill of mangos and left (only to come back 2 more times later that day) leaving the pool area (and the pool itself) littered with half eaten mangos. Hard to be annoyed though, cause they sure are cute.



Mangos, yum.



The beach and views were awesome.


View from the B & B


Beach: low tide on the bike ride home

Happy traveling.





One response

1 07 2011

Love the travels! Looks like such a wonderful time. I plan on going to Costa Rica in the next few years. I’ve heard it’s fantastic! Proud of your surfing skills, as well.

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