Food fight!!!

29 08 2012

Use your imagination here. Imagine if you will, feeding over 15 toddlers at the same time.  No, no, no, its not just you.  There are 3 of you…. 3 caregivers that have to keep all these kiddos rounded up, in their high chair and fed.  To put it lightly, its an impossible task.  The only hope of keeping up with the demand these caregivers have is slopping heaping spoonfuls of food in one kiddos mouth after another. Some kiddos attempt to refuse, but these attempts are quickly thwarted by getting a quick spoonful shoved in their mouth.  They get fed… but it’s not always pretty.   I would actually say its one of the most stressful moments throughout the day. Abby, the occupation therapist that has been working here at Chiquetines has been fighting the good fight, the food fight, to try and make things a little less stressful for the kiddos.

Here’s a glimpse:

All lined up and ready to get started…








I think this little guy got tired of waiting his turn…











So did he… this poor little guy passed out for a while in the saucer before he got his lunch…











Here’s Abby helping this little guy with oral motor issues have an enjoyable meal









And for those of you wondering what I, Keely O’Dell, was doing during all this chaos.  The answer would be loving on these adorable little things… oops.









Also, we went to Fundamor (another orphanage) today and the little boy that I had met last year is still there and definitely will be able to use the kidwalk when the little girl at Chiquetines is done with it.  I couldn’t be more feliz….









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