Toddlers, Toddlers, Everywhere

31 08 2012

There is a place on Earth where you can’t help but feel loved.  I am not going to say it is necessarily a happy place… but it is a pure place, a raw and very real place.  It is full of mischief and wonder. It is the playroom/playground for the toddlers at Chiquetines.  It is a complete and total madhouse! It is 10-12 toddlers left alone to their own devices.  Well I should not say that exactly. They are casually supervised, that would be my best description.  But seriously, it is like the lion’s den… but they are some darn cute lions.  Watching from afar you are sure to witness everything from group wresting matches to sing-alongs.  They will have made sticks, plastic bottles, baby doll heads and anything else they can get their hands on into toys… and they will eat the rest.  At any one moment you will find one crying.  But with all this chaos,  the more amazing thing is that there is only one crying.  This something that is immediately notable in orphanages… its takes a lot to make these kiddos cry.  Bumps on the head, falling face first, getting bit, scratched and hit… these little dudes don’t even bat an eye.  It’s really sad actually, sort of a learned helplessness. Crying never really got them anywhere or any attention… so they just seem to stop doing it one day.

But when you enter, when you join them… everything changes.  You become a human jungle gym.  You get kissed, slobbered on, dove over. And when you take out the camera… get ready to experience even more joy.  Nothing pleases these kiddos more than seeing a picture of themselves, even at this age. There is so much personality, so much curiosity, so much love in these babies.  You immediately pick out the brave ones, the shy ones, the jokesters. You see little tiny people forming with each moment.  And in this moment, they want nothing more than to just be with you.  Its pretty much the most amazing feeling ever.

Human Jungle Gym












Just too darn sweet.












Look what we found!
























Toys are fun.












I sort of fell in love with this precious little guy. And he loved helping me take lots of pictures!!













Baby D playing outside with his new shoes and braces. They really help him stand and walk.












I like them a lot.





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