2 09 2012

It wasn’t all babies and gait trainers and hospitals and orphanages… there was a little tourist time too.  On Friday night we went to a show that is best described as salsa meets the circus called Delirio. It is quite an espectaculo! And Abby and I were quite the spectacle. As you enter the show you go this kind of “red carpet” experience and are handed drinks (chivas and aguardientes… not for the faint of heart) and have several photo ops.  And if you are two gigantic curly-headed girls, the photo ops are aplenty!











Saturday was filled with shopping and driving tour of Cali.  Mercedes, who you all might remember as Negra, Magnolia’s good friend that I lived with last year, has moved to a super fancy high-rise on the hill overlooking all of Cali. We made sure to stop there! Here is a picture of the view from her balcony.











It was amazing to be in that setting, but it was also an amazing representation of the disparity of wealth in Colombia.  There we were in this fancy pants apartment (much nicer than anything I have ever lived in… not sure that is saying much though:) ) But immediately surrounding this huge new building were old dilapidated buildings like these:

The day was capped of with something long overdue: the mango taste test.  I am, well a mango aficionado of sorts… or better put I want to be one.  I love mangos.  And have obsessed over them several times in previous posts.  What amazed me when I got here last year was to learn that there are so many different types.  Its like apples back home.  Any typical grocery store or market is sure to have at lest 3-4 different kinds of mangos.  I was really not even sure which ones are the type we usually eat at home. So last night Magnolia and one of her friends helped me put it to the test.









And the winner is: Tomy- very sweet, not as many of those little stringy bits that get stuck in your teeth… and it was huge.

I had such a great time with my all my friends here in Colombia.  Here is a picture of my most loved Colombia Mother, Magnolia (as requested by my friends at CMC) who helped make this short trip so productive!! Mil gracias, te quiero y nos vemos muy pronto.





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