About Me

This is a blog of my adventures traveling through Latin/South America with an amazing organization called SuperKids.  The mission (should we choose the accept it) is to improve the lives of orphans and make their homes more supportive for their development.

My story: To coin my older brother… I am a modern day nomad.  I graduated from physical therapy school last May. I have lived in 7 cities, 4 states and 2 countries in the last 4 years and adventures continue.  First stop for SuperKids South America: Columbia.


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14 09 2010

Keelieelie, You’re a rock star and I’m going to watch you do great things!

15 09 2010

Wow! Amazing all the places you’ve lived! I actually hadn’t put it all together like that. We’ll be keeping up with your blog and supporting your race! Way to go Keels!

9 10 2010

its good

12 10 2010

GOOD WORK. Keep it up and God be with you.

22 10 2010

Hey Keely, this is great! Really excited for you.
Sorry can’t make it Sat. but I know it will be a success.
cousin David

16 11 2010
Mama Juan

I love my modern day nomad girl.

26 11 2010

I really liked the article from the Strasburg paper and especially the picture of you and Kristi. Good job on your race and auction fund-raiser. I love you.

7 02 2011

Wow Keely, What fun it is to read your blog and keep track of all you are doing. I love all the pics. You and Kristy look awesome picking the lice out of your hair. I am sure you two are having a great time. Bet it has been really fun for you to have guests to share your adventure with. Keep up the good work and keep the blog going so we can all enjoy your adventures. Love ya, Jan

12 02 2011
Phil Davis

Your Dad shared with me with the link to your Blog. I love the work you are doing and look foward to following you thru your blog.

Sending you my best,

Phil Davis

16 03 2011

Super todo lo que cuentas en tu blog, Son experiencias que seguro nunca olvidaras. 🙂

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